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Looks lukewarm. She knows you were flirting w/her and was playing along–although I think you probably hit on her too much without any obvious response at the beginning. THen she shot down your Thurs. w/o proposing anything else.

But she DID effectively send you a ping after a week and a half so you’re not entirely off the radar.

Like Cartoox says, I’d skip it unless you want to hang out as friends and probably not have it go anywhere. Then maybe you can ping her again a week or two later–if she doesn’t propose anything first.

and @RyanO–most guys are on this forum because they have trouble dating, not because they’re particularly stuck on one girl. That’s why most of us aren’t able to simply ‘go out and fuck 12 other women”, as the PUA mantra goes. So we’re here to try a few things and see how they work. If not, move on. To be honest, I LIKE the idea of actually liking someone enough to actually invest some mental energy (not too much) into hoping that it might work out. You can do that WHILE pursuing other women.