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That’s right. Girls love game. But men don’t. men fucking hate games. I know I do. Girls invented games to see which men fall into the trap of playing with them. And those who play with them are not men, they are women. And at that point women are simply not interested in them. And those that play the games get into a whole tit for tat that can last for weeks and nobody gets laid.

Here’s a few adjectives that describe the polarity that exists between the sexes especially in the courtship phase. I’m not saying that women don’t have the capability to change. But I’m saying that during the courtship phase this is how they primarily act:

Women: fearful, passive, fickle, game playing, pessimistic, weak, indecisive, moody, emotional.
Men: honest, decisive, active, optimistic, leadership, strong, reliable, loyal, don’t play games, logical.

This polarity of the two sexes is very important to portray. Know your role as a man and act that way to it’s fullest extent. The moment you start acting the way women act you’re simply not attractive to them.

Women often say they want a leader. A “rock”. Someone who’s reliable and actually acts the way a man should be. So in order to attract women you MUST play that role.

I’ll give you an example of how this works. Let’s say you’re with a woman and for some reason you start acting depressed. The moment you do a woman associates you as a woman because being “moody” is one THEIR qualities so they lose attraction to you. Instead, you must remain optimistic and/or the qualities of strength that a man should inherently display to attract women.

Game playing is another one. Women don’t want men to act like women. Women love playing games but they seek someone reliable that doesn’t fall for that shit. As an example, I usually respond to texts right away. I don’t play that bullshit that women do and my results have been great. I lead them to “truth” and they are attracted to honesty and reliability. Qualities that I almost never see from them. qualities that they so desperately seek because it’s the polar opposite of them. And opposites attract.

Eventually after the courtship phase the two sexes mold and we both start acting in a way that is a little bit like eachother. But in the courtship phase as I said, know your role as a man as act in that role. Stop with the stupid game playing, it’s all a bunch of bullshit that will NOT get you laid. Be decisive, be sexual, escalate, be completely CLEAR with your intent. Don’t beat around the bush.

p.s you know that word “creepy”? it’s a way that women describe men who act like women. Men that don’t show their intent but beat around the bush, or hover around what they really want. The moment you’re honest and truthful you become a man.