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Hey, RyanO’s back. Welcome back, R.O.

Anyway @Zhel: My take on it is this: biologically, it’s a normal and expected thing to do. Animals do it, and when you were a kid you probably didn’t hesitate to go and demand what you wanted from people before you learned that it was socially unacceptable.

So I think the reason most of us don’t do it is that it’s been stamped out of us by parents, friends, teachers, society etc. You can debate the reasons why, but I don’t think that’s particularly important. I think if you can some how go back to your childhood ideology–taht it’s ok to explore and you’ll be fine, that’a s good mindset to have. I also find that I’m open to these sorts of things in dreams. In dreams, I approach people and people approach me. This is the kind of thing that CAN easily happen in my real life if I let it. But taking some risks, and social de-programming, can be really hard.

(and by the way Ryan–there are some great–and hot–women on personal ads. I’ve gone out with a couple of them–although I don’t use personal ads/internet dating anymore because I want to develop these skills). Yeah, you have to weed through a bunch you don’t want, but a good profile will get you some quality girls–online too. And I’m not a tall or a particularly good looking guy–I’m 5’3 and I rate myself about a 5 🙂