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You are expecting her to ask for more. It doesn’t have to be one talk. It could be a series of smaller attempts to talk it out. She might say something like “I don’t see you enough. We should…” Like that. Under no circumstances should you initiate that conversation. Your response should be “This is the right amount of time for us to see each other given that we also have other things going on, parts of our lives that we don’t share with each other.” You want her to bring up the fact that she has nothing going on and that she doesn’t want you to have anything going on either. If you bring it up, you’re right back to where you were before, trying to reason with a woman to give you what you want, instead of waiting until that becomes her choice. I highly recommend that you keep seeing other people, too, so this isn’t just you talking. If her interest in you is not strong enough for her to overcome whatever sense of pride keeps her from having that conversation, so be it. You will forever be chasing this women. But if she’s into you, I highly doubt this will be the outcome. You want to be the girl and start the conversation about commitment? You will lose whatever attraction all of this good game has repaired.