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sorry–didn’t see the second text there.

While the first exchange seemed pretty well calibrated, the second one was off–looks forced and gimmicky and may put her off.

I don’t think she’s going to answer this one, to be honest–but she might. But for next time, if you’re in the process of texting her and you have a flirtatious interaction like you started before, simply propose a time and place and invite her.

Building off of your last one:

You: Ha! Do you want a free massage to go along with that? And maybe a holiday trip to Hawaii [good here–bit of sexual innuendo]
Her: Yes please [this is great–she’s playfully taking you up on this–she’s escalating herself! That’s where you want to close it]

Maybe something like this:

You: OK now, don’t get too demanding here 😉 Why don’t we evaluate your upcoming Hawaii prospects over Mai Tais [hawaii, mai tais, hell why not?]–there’s a great place I used to go to around X. Let’s say Tuesday night around 7.”

Then leave the ball in her court.