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Well there’s no way to “know”–but isn’t that always the goal? Text banter–or any banter–is fine for a few lines but the ultimate goal is to spend time with her in person. I wonder if one of your problems with following up from approaches is that you’re not seeing the next step to actually connecting with her. Ultimately, you need to go out on a date, or something. In some ways you seem a bit parallel to me–you try some things, and expect something to automatically “happen” between you and the girl–without realizing that you actually have to take some more steps to make it happen.

Let me ask you this: Try to think–what were you expecting/hoping would happen after the text exchange with this girl?

And to answer the last question, I’d follow up with her–sure. Why not? Send a ping or something, exchange a couple texts if she responds, then suggest that you guys go somewhere. Even if it’s a no–I think you need a bunch of practice closing the deal–so it’ll be helpful to try and see what it feels like. She may say no, but there will be others. She might also say yes.