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I went for a drink with a girl I work with last night, we ended up talking about using Tinder vs meeting people in real life, and I told her that I like to approach girls in the daytime.

This girl ended up grilling me on the subject – she was fascinated. She had read ‘The Game’ and thought it was really good; at a couple of points she said ‘I think the Game would work on me’.

You sometimes forget that girls appreciate this stuff. I think one of my big limiting beliefs is that I think ‘if the girl figures out what I’m up to, she’ll be instantly turned off’.But that’s obviously not always the case.

Actually, there are a few girls who think it’s lame to do anything other than be very bold and direct – those are the girls that can be a bit mean, in my experience. So it’s nice to know that there are girls that appreciate the subtle approach too.