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Thanks for the help guys.


Yeah I know what you’re saying – unfortunately with the drawing thing
the language barrier kicked in so I wasn’t able to understand what she was saying, and I panicked.

That conversation was definitely 80% Eric’s and Lee’s lines, haha. To be honest I am pretty comfortable having normal ‘validating’ conversations and that might have worked here. But I wanted to push myself to go in a different direction. I will work on bouncing off her more though.


Thanks for the help. Hmm, I’m trying to think of what’s meaningful to me. I’m passionate about playing music, travel (I actually end up talking about New York a lot as it’s my favourite place), self improvement, comedy. And like yourself, social dynamics.

With the music thing, what I meant is I didn’t want to get into a conversation about what bands we like. I could have asked ‘what’s your favourite band?’ but I find if it turns out you don’t like the same music as the girl, you actually lose rapport. You say I should go awe-inspiring/challenging here. Do you mean something like this:

Me: I play guitar. Do you play anything?

Her: No but I always wanted to (obviously sometimes she will say yes)

Me: You should learn. It can be amazing. When you are playing to a crowd who is enjoying what you are doing, it’s like this circle of energy going back and forth between you and the crowd, like they are controlling you and you are controlling them. You almost become one – it’s like sex, but better!