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Oh what the hell–I’ll chime in before the masters get here 🙂

Good for you for getting past something that made you a bit uncomfortable (saying something different). And good on you for staying in there awhile.

Not seeing too much in the way of connection though–but there’s things that you might improve next time. For example, your interaction sounded like a pretty stock back-and-forth interaction. Maybe a couple of small attempts to flirt with her, but not much –i think you really could have used the “drawing” thing to start transitioning into personal stuff. “what’s the first thing you ever drew? can you remember?” or “That just made me think about how some of the most inspirational things from childhood (e.g. drawing) get stamped on by careers…did you ever think about doing more with art? Were you afraid to?” (answer is often yes–and you can get deeply personal with that)

Second thing–it sounds like you were so eager to use some of Lee/Eric’s lines in places that you forgot to listen to the girl! Those lines are there for punctuation, transitions if you need them. They’re not a blueprint. The “you seem like you do something creative” line and the “guess what i do” line sounded a bit forced in the interaction. YOu want to lead the conversation to a point–but you also want to work with what she’s givingyou.

My 2 (or 3) cents…