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Awesome job. I like the tone of this, slightly challenging. There’s not much to change here. 1) You need a good identity story. Your description of what you do – the band and the instrument you play – is informational but not awe inspiring or challenging. That’s why previous attempts to talk about music probably didn’t go anywhere. 2) I like “What do you? Do you sing? Do you dance? Do you read? Do you write?” more than “I get the feeling you do something creative” for two reasons. First the latter is a compliment. Second, my way gives her more permission to talk about her passion rather than her work, which is helpful if her work is something she’s not into. 3) You could have gone on. She may not have seemed enthusiastic, but that could just be her natural shyness. She was jumping through all of your hoops. If you knew where to go from there, you could have kept going. If you keep getting to this point in your game, you should think of a good topic that you’d like to talk about with a woman, something that is meaningful to you. Give me a topic and I’ll show you how to build a transition to it.