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OK–that’s true. It explains the whole fraternity-sorority scene, really. Which I used to think was something to aspire to–because those guys were getting laid–it took me a long time to realize that 90% of people in the scene were extremely insecure, and that “hot” didn’t equal “value” at all. Maybe value within the scene, but that’s about it.

Seems to me like these insecurities are things we should try to figure out early in the interaction–as ultimately we don’t (or shouldn’t) really want those types of women anyway…

YOu’re good at reading people. I tend to think I am, as well. Do you think you can figure out within a minute or two if this is the kidn of girl we’re talking about–an insecure type who’ll pretty much go for whoever happens to be hot and takes a minute to talk to her?