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I think, “deep thought” opener is between direct and situational. It is a good opener if you know how to use it. Becasue I did not see it in real life, it is mistake to think only about the words. You know, body language is 70 % of communication.
I actually want to learn, how would you use it in different scenarios.
For example, in the street, you saw a girl waiting for someone in front of Top Shop. You walk in the street and get closer to her. When you are close enough to use the opener, do you stop, or do you wait for her response as you walk by. To me, if you stop in front of her waiting for her response, it is a big pressure for her. The best would be slowing down, saying the opener when you are 3 feet away, and if she is receptive, you stop, if she is not receptive, dont stop.
Surely, Lee can describe it best.