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OK my first few attempts at using this one were less than spectacular. But I’ll stick with it for a while as right now it feels very unnatural, which is most likely the problem.

One woman didn’t even answer after I said “are you?”. She just kinda laughed and stood there in crushingly awkward silence. That was kinda funny.

Have also been experimenting with ‘polarising’ openers a little bit. When I see a woman texting on her phone, I ask her ‘are you sexting right now?’. Interestingly, I have found that half of them seem to instantly hate you (one woman actually told me off a little bit). But the other half (or maybe slightly less than half) think it’s funny as hell. There is almost no in-between reaction. I know the aim isn’t to be a comedian, but I wonder how you can use this early polarisation to your advantage.