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Well look at it this way:

Delivery/presence without effective words can still get you somewhere.
Words without effective delivery probably won’t get you anywhere.

I went to see a dating “coach” once–a woman, actually–for a 2 hour session. She was extremely attractive. I said I really had trouble with “escalation”. One of the exercises she had me do was to look into her eyes, really closely, and say something completely nonsensical–without flinching. Just as if you were in a romantic drama and about to make the move. So firt I counted to 10, then I recited “Hickory Dickory Dock”.

To be honest, I think she was actually a bit turned on 🙂 She paused, and said “wow–you’re really good at this…” I don’t think it was an act. My problem was that I couldn’t do the approaches, etc. to get to the point where I COULD do that. But once there…..

So ultimately words are a tool, and they can be used effectively–but it’s really the delivery/presence that matters most.