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The thing about this hypothetical is that the demotion was unexpected. Had she been acting like this all along, I wouldn’t have asked for the date. But after asking and getting the demotion, I would want to be playful and get her to compromise just like she got me to compromise. She said no to my invitation and suggested three weeks later. I said no to her invitation and suggested three weeks and one day later.

True story. I had an ex girlfriend who, for the first six months of our relationship, would schedule all of our dates three weeks forward. I didn’t have enough game at the time to know how to handle it, so I would whine a little and accept. But then I started doing this thing where she would schedule the date three weeks forward and I would tell her I’m busy and schedule the date four weeks forward. It sucked, and this went on for a long time. She was a high, high value girl, a model and a member of a popular rock band. After seven months of this crazy game playing, she sat me down and had the talk. “I feel like we’re stuck on our third date. I want to get closer.” I pretended I didn’t know what she was talking about but agreed to give it a shot. She popped the L word on me a few days later. So, there you go. As the saying goes, “You want to catch the wild monkey? You have to climb the highest trees.”