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So yesterday, we went out to eat, stood out maybe an hour to hour and half, we talked, joked around, a lot of Banter, she kept asking me what I have been up to, I said just too many things to start. A girl called me, so I stepped out to talk to her, it was obvious it was another girl. When I came in, she was like damn well how many girls you talk too? I was like oh please lets not get into that.

Well she kind of ended it before me. Because the bill came and I paid it and she asked if I was ready? (she had to pick up her son from the sitter and get him ready for bed.) I was pissed that she beat me to the punch.

She also reminisced twice about the last time we had sex, I assume because I was very aggressive. So then we walked outside, we kissed and she went in her car and I left in mine.