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Duh! Gee, thanks for noticing. That’s exactly what Eric and I call it, pickup science. What do you think all those studies are about, dude? Everything I do is based on reputable studies of social dynamics. When I started, I did what you do. I winged it. I even taught winging it for Pickup 101. My sets looked like all of those videos you post, conversations filled with empty banter and lukewarm number closes with girls I knew nothing about, girls who knew nothing about me. It wasn’t until I started to think about what is the fastest way to get to the conversations that are important to me that I started to get the kind of girls I wanted. And that’s when my students started to see great results as well. There are a few of them on here, if you haven’t noticed. Look at the post by Cartoox. Eric and I taught that class together. Eric is great precisely because he believes in trying to systematize as much of game as possible. His book is the only systematic, step by step method for overcoming approach anxiety. Everyone else is winging it.