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You can make out with her, sleep with her, whatever. As long as 1) you’re the one to end things, 2) don’t spend too much time with her, and 3) stay away from her long enough between dates to make her want more. She can’t have the same level of commitment from you while she’s seeing other people. She can have a little, but she can’t have it all. Don’t make your dates longer than two hours. What does that give you time to do? If it’s at your place, it gives you time to sleep with her, but not much else. Don’t let her sleep over. Don’t cuddle with her. Treat her like she’s a part time thing, which is exactly what she should be right now. Sex, yes. Affection, no. If you’re strong and show her a good time and she’s into you, she’ll eventually want more. That’s the plan. Don’t give away for free what she needs to make some compromises to get. Make sure she knows you’re dating other people. Don’t talk about it, but make sure she knows. “Busy Friday.” “What’re you doing?” “Just have some plans, that’s all.” If she pushes, just say, “Look, I don’t want to know everything you’re doing and I don’t want you to ask me about everything I’m doing. We were in that place once, but we’re not there anymore. Maybe we’ll be there again some day. Meanwhile, no means no. Don’t ask. Don’t tell. :-)”