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That says alot about you, not her. That you don’t know what the hell you’re doing yet.

1. I told you to keep it up to 10 messages max (including logistics) that you send. Women are very judgemental esp before the first date. And the will not want to see you if you make it too weird for them up front.

NEVER CHALLENGE A GIRL BEFORE THE DATE (unless you are advanced). If you want to get MANY MANY dates. Just do what I told you as far as keeping it short and sweet.

Focus on LOGISTICS primarily. At this point we’re just worried about getting her on the date. Once we have her on the date. She’s OURS. trust me on this πŸ˜‰

And don’t allude to the fact that she’s “picking up men”:
a. you made that joke before
b. it’s none of your business
and c. women don’t like to feel like sluts or like they have anything to do with seduction.

3. And she’s right. She is the one that gets picked up. Like it or not. Regardless of what Hurricane says, that’s how male/female dynamics works. Women are passive creatures and men do the work. And we’re happy with our roles thank you very much. I can get hundreds of numbers in my phone if I want to. I can fuck as many chicks as I want as it’s solely up to me. That’s the joy of being a man.

you’ll notice that women hardly ever will just “text” you out of the blue. Like “hey how’s it going?!”. (esp before you had sex with men). I mean, once in a blue moon it happens. But they, by and large, DO NOT DO ANY WORK. The fact that she added you on facebook is a rarity. Don’t get that twisted. Women generally don’t lift a finger when it comes to seduction.

And don’t do anything stupid like “gee, I’ll just ignore her and see what she does”. I can tell you right now: SHE WON’T DO ANYTHING. Women are passive and they do not do ANYTHING whatsoever, EVER EVER EVER. I’ll bet you that if you ignore her right now she’ll just ignore you. That’s their nature. Don’t play their game.

This is what you do:

1. You keep it light and playful. And teasing. And sexual. I told you already that all women want is to get fucked. And for some reason out of the blue you started challenging her? Why? I have no idea. DO NOT DO THAT. Esp before the date!!! I cannot stress this enough.

Me: Ok. Another day?
Her: Sure, why not πŸ™‚
Me: Cool. Let’s shoot for Sunday. how does that sound?

One of two things happen:

Her: No I can’t.
Me: no prob. have a great weekend!

Her: Ok
Me: great, meet me at such and such.

If it’s 1. I don’t contact her again this weekend and perhaps even the next. Maybe in 2 weeks, like on a Monday I shoot her like: “thought I’d give it one last shot, does this week work?” and see what she says.

In the meantime I’m busy getting more numbers. I have plenty of girls like her. These are generally girls I keep very low priority.

The girls that will fuck you right away will always make themselves HIGHLY available and will always give you an alternative.