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“You look fucking delicious!” is a great opener. I’ve seen Glenn do it and I’ve tried it myself. Girls laugh and stop to chat. It gets their attention. One time, I was walking with Eric in Soho and two women were walking towards me. I planted and said “Sister, you look fucking delicious!” and she said “Thanks! You look fucking delicious too!” Never happened to me before.

Openers shouldn’t be long. They should get her attention and tell her the reason you’re opening her. “You look like you’re thinking deep, deep thoughts.” It’s short. I wait for her response. I don’t steamroll her.

I don’t have to think of a million different things to say, things that have to do with what she’s wearing, what bag she has in her hands, where we are, what she looks like. I say the same thing each and every time. It’s simple and it’s super, super comfortable. Like Bruce Lee said, “I’m not afraid of the man who has practiced ten thousand moves. I’m afraid of the man who has practiced one move ten thousand times.”