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Paul Janka was always very clever in his openers. He’d start off very indirect but slowly work his way / transition into a more personal/flirty conversation. This is like Eric Disco’s six steps, but on steroids. ie he does it very fast. and it’s good in a crowded street where u don’t feel like chasing down a girl.

He throws alot of complications just to get her to stay in set: “where’s the law school?” … “the campus is that big?” … “he’s waiting for me. I was on west mall. blabla.. I don’t know now where we are?” once he gets her invested, only then does he hit on her..

notice where he starts flirting: “i’m dissapointed in you!” … and introduces sexuality. “adult films? please tell me no”.. once he has the girls comfort he says “what’s your name? you’re cute..”

Janka was infamous for his 90 second closes..