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A few things you did right. You motioned to her that you’re going to leave. That says alot about you. Personally if a girl were to chat on the phone next to me it’d take me all but 10 seconds to leave. So good on you for doing that.

Two, she took your facebook and she actually added you. That’s great and shows that she is interested.

Now so far your convo is good. But don’t get into a whole conversation. Good flirting and keeping it upbeat and normal. And it’s good she was the last one to talk.

At this point you should just be focused on logistics. Just ask her out somewhere. A good way to transition would be to say something like “I know of this good place blablabla I’d like to take your there”. something of that nature. Then just decide on a time and place.

Don’t get into conversation mode as it’ll kill the entire vibe.

Generally I don’t like to go back-and-forth with a girl on messages for more than 10 messages that I send. So 5 or so would just be flirty messages, and the next 5 would just be plain logistics.

but great going on this one..