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This is not an opener. This is monologue. The street situation is dynamic and this is not a podium. You should find a short line that will stop her. I am still figuring out the best way to approach moving girls other than direct. What gave me success in the past was direction opener with instant transition.

me: sorry, do you know where is x street?
her: bla bla
me: btw , i like your style.

This is low key complement which usually works better than high investemnt complements like” you are gorgeous” etc.

What its important at this point is to quickly engage her in conversation. Best way is to throw an assumption. Dont wait for her reaction too long becasue ( unless she is much into to your looks right away) she will use this as opportunity to say thanks and walk away. What i do is when they say thanks i say some assumption like” i hear an accent. you dont sound like you are from here”
Doesnt matter what she sounds like. It will create an opportunity to keep conversation going.

That being said, like Ryano says, your tone of voice, facial expression and vibe is crucial here.