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zhelyazo, you’re not understand something very basic here. Me and Lee are essentially advocating the same thing. The verbal doesn’t matter at all. Direct vs Indirect is not what you say. It’s your intent that matters. And your intent should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be direct. And if your intent starts off indirect, you better transition to a direct intent sooner than later.

“What are you reading?”
“Hey I thought you looked nice”
“Looks like you’re thinking deep thoughts”

should all be said with the same non-verbals. You should essentially be hitting on her.

What Lee said in his post is that when you say “hey, what are you reading?” you think the girl doesn’t know you’re hitting on her? Of’course she knows. But with your non-verbals, don’t act like you’re not hitting on her. Ie don’t say it in a serious way.

If you’re not flirting with her, you’re toast.

And when Lee says “You’re thinking deep thoughts are you” he’s already shown his intent. Because he’s speaking to her on a personal level. Ie, he’s flirting with her.