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You think that girl doesn’t know why you are approaching her? Do you normally go up to guys and ask what they’re reading? If she’s cute, your motives are just as obvious to her with your situational opener as they are with a direct opener. When you choose a situational opener and you really don’t want to subject yourself to judgement, you better choose one that is not so transparent. But even if you choose the best situational opener in the world, if she doesn’t already know why you’re there – which most cute chicks do – she’ll find out during the transition. The first thing that comes to her mind is not “Oh, wow, how smooth!” The first thing that comes to her mind is “He didn’t have the balls to tell me why he’s really here.” That’s why the transition is hard. It’s not just a point of judgement. It’s actually a point where many men lose value by revealing that they didn’t have the balls to make their intentions known up front. The longer they wait to transition, the harder it is because the deception grows with time. That having been said, let me repeat what I said in the previous post. There are two stages to learning social dynamics. The first is social comfort and the second is game. If you’re working on your social comfort, use whatever means you can to get into as many conversations as you can. Game comes later, when you really don’t care if she knows why you’re there.