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In the beginning, situational openers are great because they give your mind an excuse to approach her. Before you are truly comfortable, it feels like you need that excuse, that plausible deniability. You approached her because you wanted to know what she was reading. You approached her because you’re lost and need a Starbucks. But the truth is there is no excuse, and there doesn’t have to be one. You’re approaching her because she’s hot, and if you took away that book she’s reading, you’d still want to approach her. That’s why you shouldn’t lean too heavily on these situational openers. They are not your real reason for being there and if you come to depend on them, you will quickly find yourself in situations where you cannot approach the girl you want because there isn’t a perfect situational excuse. After you are socially comfortable, start weaning yourself off these situational openers and moving towards something more generic. What do I mean by something more generic? I mean something you can say to any girl in any situation. That’s what I do. I say the same thing each and every time. The actual situation is irrelevant.