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I approach it a bit differently, actually.

See–I actually WANT to give a fuck. If I just see girls as a numbers game–take it or leave it–it takes the tension out of it–for me, it also takes the excitement out of it. I want to care what the girl might think about me–just not to the point of self-sabotage.

Nervousness is a good thing–nervousness that prevents you from acting isn’t a good thing. So rather than trying to throw myself at a wall 10,000 times to be impervious to emotion, I like the idea of saying “Ok, I’m what? I’ll try it anyway”.

It’s like calling a girl up to ask her out back in 9th grade. Sure, you were nervous, but you generally gave it a shot anyway. Talking to random girls should be the same. Butterflies are good–paralysis is bad.