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I agree that it’s a limiting belief. besides, I’ve creeped more girls out going indirect than I have direct. Girls generally know you’re trying to hit on them when you ask them a silly question or just talk to them about random bullshit. it saves everyone’s time if you just show them your intent.

Someguyuk, you live in a metropolis, the biggest city in europe. You literally have infinite tries. You can hit on 100 girls a day in london for the rest of your life and still not scratch the surface of that city. That’s why that city is amazing.

now you think someone might notice you but they don’t. You think the store clerks that get paid minimum wage care how you handle your social life? nobody is paying attention to you.

I remember I took a newb friend of mine to a Zara store once and I proceeded to hit on 5 girls in a row with him right next to me and I did so direct. and each time I hit on a girl I told him to look around to see if anyone has noticed. And of’course nobody even looked up. and I mean _NOBODY_. And we were in the girl section. people are just way too interested in themselves to care about you. it’s a sad fact.

If you want to get results you NEED to look for rejection. You might tell yourself that you need to transition/be smoother. but that’s false. you’ll get atleast 100 times more results if you’re just unsmooth and make your intention known from the start. alot of the times I’m purposely looking for rejection (ie hit on them within the first sentence) so the girl can piss off so I can find a girl that’s a better fit.