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But that’s your own fear talking. Or what people in this world sometimes call a “limiting belief”. You’re expecting them to say no because you don’t think you’re their “type”, so you’re being extra cautious. This is bad. Who cares who they are or what they might claim they want? They don’t even know. This is about you–and your own personal development.

Also, shifting to teasing/flirting isn’t directly hitting on…yet. But it opens the door–if she’s into the teasing, she might be into the flirting. If you’re getting flat one word answers, then you can move on.

What we’re saying here isn’t “Wow–I saw you over there and thought you were sexy as all hell”. I don’t like that kind of approach since it asks for a judgment call in about a second based SOLELY on look and body language–and most girls won’t like you in the first second anyway. It paves the way for rejection unless yo’re really lucky and there’s instant chemistry. It doesn’t allow anything to build. But what both RyanO and I are suggesting–even in his more direct example–opens the door to a flirty interaction even if you guys are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

Bottom line: you’re more appealing to far more women than you think you are. But you need to take some risks to realize that. That should be the message to all guys out there.