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you live in london? 🙁 I’m jealous.
that’s the best place ever. I’ve been there a few times to game. Especially that store topshop on oxford st. it’s like a club without alcohol. so many hot girls there.

Onto your question. your entire frame is a bit off, too serious, that’s why you can’t transition.

teasing/flirting/playing is your answer. that’s what makes transitioning work. if you’re too stifled, too safe, it’ll make transitioning harder.

it’s *okay* to make a girl know off the bat that you’re flirting with her.
here’s an example:

let’s say I’m in topshop and I see a girl that I like. I’ll go up to her and take a very feminine outfit next to her like a pink blouse and hold it up against me.
me: excuse me, do you think this color matches my eyes?
her: haha, no i’m not so sure.
you then grab another one.
me: how about this one? i’m a cross dresser on the weekends.
her: blablabla lol
.. so now that we’ve established fun I can then go on to say
me: what are you shopping for today?
or do you live around here, or whatever.. just normal type of questions.

alternatively you can just go up to her, more direct like:
me: hey, how’s it going?
her: okay.
me: i really like your shoes/dress/blouse..
(or you can just say: ‘i just thought you looked nice i wanted to introduce myself’)
her: why, thank you.
and then you don’t need to transition…

or you can start off indirect and go direct..
me: excuse me, can you help me?
her: sure
me: i’m trying to figure out a good thing to say to start talking to you. what should it be?
her: lol blabalblalba

however, if you’re into complete indirect. ie and you don’t even want to show your cards at all (which isn’t the best mind you, but sometimes i understand that you’re not in the mood to reveal yourself) then here’s a few transitions i’ve picked up over the years. (but again, try your best to just flirt right away. it’s sooo much easier)

me: hey, do you know if girls prefer gift cards or actual clothes?
her: balbalblabla
me: cause i’m trying to find a present for a girl.

at this point you need to know the fine art of bullshitting. complicate, complicate, complicate. meaning, through “new problems” into the equation just to get her talking. like “hmm but i dunno giftcards are sooo impersonal”, or “do girls like it when guys buy them clothes?”, ie just get her talking… ONTO the transition. this can happen anytime during the conversation, so after like a minute of you bullshitting with her. the idea is to get to a more personal conversation. here’s a few:
1. just ask her a personal question but that’s relevant to the scenerio. “are you shopping for anything interesting?”
2. comment on her state. “you looked very into your shopping before i came up.. any special occasion?”
3. make fun of something they say. so when you’re asking them bullshit questions. try to find something to tease them on. for example:
her: well no guy has ever bought me any clothes.
me: why, does nobody like you?
4. use “by the way” as a transition to just about anything.
her: well i think she might like blabalbalbla
me: BY THE WAY, that’s a nice shirt you have on.. where’d you get it?
5. make a hard transition and justify it with a BECAUSE. for example.
me: do you live around here?
her: well i just moved..
6. use her accent… “btw, you sound russian”
7. use her style.. “wow, you seem EMO. is that your thing?”
8. use an assumptive transition. “you don’t seem like you’re from around here..” or “i get the feeling that you’re a lawyer for some reason”

again, this is the stuff I used to do and I was good at it. nowadays though I just flirt with them directly. it saves the whole transitioning thing. as I said most girls have boyfriends so I don’t feel like getting into a lengthy conversation with them.

p.s don’t use the word “expert” too much. i know eric said that alot in his product and that’s ok. but make sure you improvise. ie don’t say the same stuff again and again. it’ll hamper your progress. part of getting good at pickup is being OKAY with whatever comes out your mouth. even to the point if it makes the girl run away. it’s entertaining as hell when they do anyway:) .. but ironically, when you’re so unfiltered they NEVER run away because they’re so intrigued. (girls would walk away from me when I was a newb, when I wasn’t unfiltered)

p.p.s basically, don’t hide behind your intent for too long. it’s OK to make girls run off by being truthful with them. actually, it’s funner when they do get upset when you’re being upfront with them. the more polarizing you are the better. b/c some of them won’t run off. some of them will stay and even much more than that. things u can’t even imagine.