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I would do the same thing I do wherever I am. I would look at the girl and say, “So before he started talking to you, you looked like you were thinking deep, deep thoughts. You have a story to tell us?” She’s going to laugh or say she wasn’t thinking deep thoughts or say she was and that she has no story. Listen. When you flirt with women, you want to listen to them flirt back. Tells you a lot about them. Then I would say, “I read an article that said that we spend on average 14% of our lives thinking about things that we’re never going to do. I thought about that and decided that if I could have that time back – something like 10 years of my life – I would make a list of the hundred greatest novels and make my way through the ones I haven’t read. (Pause) What would you do?” Boom. Conversation about a potentially interesting topic. And it gets better from there.