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Qualification is an old school pickup term that is horribly damaging. I used to fall for this myself.

The problem with qualification is that you try to “challenge” a girl so that you come across like you have standards.

But it’s bogus. And the girl feels it. That you’re tooling her.

If you really have standards that’s great. We all do. But the way you do that is just by having a regular conversation to figure out what she does in life, and who she is as a person. But you don’t have to put her “down” if she doesn’t have a quality you don’t like or challenge her on it to “appear” like you have standards. If she doesn’t meet your standards you simply move on. Have you ever had a girl running qualification techniques on you? of’course not. And quite frankly if a girl did that to me I’d be repelled by her because it shows insecurity and is downright rude.

The whole notion of “qualification” is a try hard technique to make a girl interested in you, so she’ll see you’re actually “judging” her and you don’t fall for anyone.

But here’s the thing. DON’T EVER try to make a girl interested in you. Don’t try to impress a girl. Your own personal value: ie what you do in life, what you look like, your style, who you are as a person, will speak for itself without your help. You don’t need more than that to get a girl.

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