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And this is my last post before I gotta go to bed already…

I do live in a big city, not NYC though. let’s just say one of the top 20 cities in the us over 1mil people. (for privacy reasons i dont wanna say exact city)

If I lived in NYC I’d hit on atleast 30 girls a day. it’d be as easy a pumpkin pie. Actually last time I was there that’s what I did (insta-dated this chick and pulled her to my hotel but she didn’t want to go all the way)

But here’s a few important things:

1. I don’t come off as I mass approach because I’m liquid. Meaning, I hardly _EVER_ do the same opener more than once. I always improvise. Also, I talk to freaking EVERYBODY. old women, men, grandpa/grandma, starbucks barista, random lady standing next to me, whatever. Hell just today, I was with a colleague of mine in the elevator and chatted up the girl next to us. it didn’t feel like a pickup just friendly chat (of’course if he wasn’t with me i would’ve asked for her number).

2. Sometimes I do come across a girl that I hit on and she remembers me. I remember last year I hit on the same girl 3 different times and each time I didn’t remember her and each time she got mad at me lol! but quite truthfully, I don’t care. I don’t do online dating or bars/clubs so to me daygame is the only way.

3. you think you’ll build a reputation but nobody cares about you. quite truthfully, if you lived or died nobody would know the difference. so while you’re alive have some fun.

4. You can never run out of girls. Even if I lived in a town of 100 girls I’d just cycle thru them again and again. They always change their logistics. One month Sue is fucking some guy, the next month she is alone.

This reminds me of a girl I hit on that was working in a cafe where I used to work. I hit on her directly and she was pissed and told me she had a bf. dunno why she was pissed, I think she just had a bad day. Fast forward to 6 months later, I hit on her again and asked her if she still has a bf. She didn’t! we went out and I even had sex with her on first date. lol, and the conversation with her was pretty awkward. but she was horny.. so you will never ever run out of girls. hit on them multiple times. as long as you’re nice about it they like it.