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Oh and another word of advice, be UNFILTERED.

I’ll say that again, UNFILTERED. Bend every freaking rule you can think of. If a girl takes 10 hours to message you, message her back in 5 seconds and say “wow, I was waiting all day for your message!” just for laughs.

When a girl walks by you on the street, make up some bullshit and say it. Like “wow, that scarf.. it reminds me of this girl I knew back in Mexico, where’d you get it?”

Whatever ANY guy or pickup guy tells you to do, do the opposite. That’s truthfully what has worked the best for me. That way girls don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do next. I fuck with their head.

Say whatever the hell you want _at all times_ and do whatever the hell you want _at all times_. Do things that amuse you, not things that amuse the girl. She’s irrelevant quite truthfully. If she sees that you’re having fun and you’re comfortable, she buys into it.