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That’s not bad. I’d recommend you do atleast 5-10 approaches a day to see any significant results though. That way you can have 7 numbers a week and atleast get a date or two out of it.

Hell even do 100 approaches a day, is anyone counting? Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone. Do as many approaches as you need to do it’s not anyone’s goddam business.

Be genuine man. You don’t have to give anybody an “extraordinary experience”. I would actually wager that the less you give them the more interesting they find you. I don’t need to “entertain” people. Esp. on an unproven girl. She just isn’t that important to me truthfully. And I don’t spend more than a couple minutes anyway. To me, it’s like that app “tinder” but in the real world. We just meet eachother and if we fit the bill we’ll go on a date. Not much more to that.

As far as your results. They will improve. I hardly get flakey numbers anymore but I used to get a ton.

But you think it’s easy to come across as completely “normal” though when you talk to a stranger?

It’s HARD. Took me damn near 2 years of alot of work to get to the point where they don’t make me nervous – at all. Also, it takes alot of work to get beyond the point where you think “10 approaches a week is alot”. It’s mentally exhausting when you’re just starting out. But it gets easier and easier.

And It’s hard to be free-flowing, like you don’t have a care in the world. But you can only be “free-flowing” when you’re completely comfortable. So that’s what I mean by acting the way you always are. Like for example, when you’re alone in your room you don’t question yourself or you don’t filter yourself, or when you talk to your friends. That’s what I mean. That’s how you want to be. The moment girls can sense you’re VERY comfortable with them is when they get interested, when you can convey “it’s no big deal”.