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an extraordinary experience? like shooting lightning rods out of your ass perhaps?

dude, you’re maybe the only guy in her life that has approached her during the day. beyond that, get into a NORMAL conversation, know how to banter/flirt (this is usually done through teasing or just commenting on something funny), and LEAVE. Within 2-3 minutes max. Hell, leave within 30 seconds if you can.

Don’t overdo it. And this bald dude overdoes it. Mainly for show because he’s entertaining thousands of guys on youtube.

That’s it. You don’t have to do anything else. And sure, it’s not hard to get numbers. Some flake, fair enough. But some won’t. And why would a girl flake on you.. is it because you didn’t give her an “extraordinary experience”? pfft. stop trying so hard. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.