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This guy’s state is pretty good, but I would not call it great. He banters like a machine gun, which is a sign of insecurity. He initiates all of the topics of conversation. That’s why the reactions that he gets are what I call compliance. They’re not interest.

Interest is where the girl starts to initiate some of the interaction. In my sets, I actually deliberately drop the conversation several times to see if she’ll pick it up. That does two things. First, it’s a filter. But more importantly, it’s a sign of confidence when you don’t have to be the entertainment, the dancing monkey. Beautiful women aren’t used to it, so when they have to work a little for your attention, you get major points.

The reason the New York girl in the video tried to walk away without giving him the last digit of her number, and the reason he had to fight so hard for that digit, is that from the very beginning, he was the one doing all of the work. It means that throughout that whole interaction when he was bantering with her and teasing her, he never quite managed to capture her interest. She talked to him, responded to his questions, and stayed longer than she said she was going to stay, but he was never able to change the power dynamic from him chasing her to her, at least in some part, chasing him.

When women see men doing all of the work, they don’t say to themselves, “Wow, what a clever guy. He has banter lines for every occasion.” What they say is more like “Wow. He’s trying really hard and he knows almost nothing about me. He must not have a lot of pretty girls in his life.” That’s what women do! They use the correlates of the behavior of desirable men to decide whether you are valuable.

Now, does that mean that this will never succeed? Of course not. He’s not a bad looking guy. Some of the things he says are genuinely funny and clever. And his voice tone and body language are pretty good. But if I were a woman looking at his game, would I think “This dude is brimming with confidence!”? No. I would say exactly what that woman said. She called him a salesman because what he was doing was selling. She did zero selling and he did all of the selling.

You can’t be successful with women if your body language and voice tone are bad. That’s a given. They quickly betray the lack of confidence. However, once these are squared away, does what you say matter? Of course it does. You have to go on a date with that girl before you sleep with her, maybe even several dates. What does it say about you that you are willing to do this knowing absolutely nothing about how interesting, funny, or clever she is? It says that you just don’t have enough beauty in your life.