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I know your question’s directed at Lee, but I just want to jump in to tell you not to fall into the over-game trap either.

Thinking this way: “Hm, I need to add pre-selection (or whatever) to my routine in order to get laid” is a really unhealthy way of looking at it. It means that everything about your identity is based on trying to get a girl. Talk about putting her on a super-high pedestal!

The idea is simply to present yourself as a desirable guy who’s not going to start panting like a lap dog at the first cute girl he sees. That’s where the skepticism comes in. As in “ok, sure you’re cute but so are 50 million girls out there. What makes you so special–are you actually worth my time and energy? Because my time and energy are valuable!

Value is largely internal. If you experience yourself as a desirable guy, you become one externally. That value is more powerful–and far more real–than money, job, etc. It’s also a reason that famous people have so much success–do you think it’s JUST because of the fame? Of course not–there are thousands upon thousands of rich and famous people that can’t get laid to save their lives, good looking or not! But the fame/wealth/status helps them get into a position where they are confident enough to wield that–and THAT’s why they get laid so often. The skepticism that Lee talks about just follows naturally–because there ARE a lot of girls out there who are potentialy available, so choice/selection becomes easier.

You (and all normal guys) can become this type of person too–but it’s much harder to see the pathway sometimes for us normal people 🙂