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you gotta also see it as a form of entertainment. imagine how boring/depressing life is if you don’t talk to anybody all day, and the only people that talk to you are girls that reject you. That can happen, especially if you all you do is direct all day. (not saying u shouldnt’ do direct, but you should def pepper in some indirects as well for your sanity)

that’s why I throw my indirects on random people everywhere. not even girls i’m interested. it’s fun to basically just mess with people and they get really excited to help you.

remember though, they can never solve your question=) paul janka taught me that personally. and lying/improvising is your best bet too. people are way too “square” these days. saying things that are factual. if u wanna hit on girls, get better and becoming a bullshit artist (not a pua).

here’s a few more examples:

me> scuse me, know where I can find sunglasses?
her> there’s a sunglass hut a block away did you try that one?
me> yeah. but I couldn’t find anything over there that I liked. are there any other ones? [this is a combination of complicating+lying]
her> ooh i dunno i’m a bit new to this area
me> oh cool, me too, where are you from? [this is transitioning due to her throwing me a bone]

me> know where there’s a bookstore around here?
her> there’s a BLABLA over there
me> oh, i’m looking for something bigger… like a barnes and noble maybe? [complication]
her> oh yeah, barnes and noble is in the mall.
me> lemme ask you something, i shouldn’t buy a book for a girl should i? [complication]
her> why not?
me> cause it’s a personal thing.. like maybe a gift card would be better? [complication]
her> blablblablablal
me> what’s the best present you’ve ever gotten? [transition]

the nice thing about these you can do this with just about anyone. they can be a big ugly troll for all you care. but what you’re trying to do is just get better at socializing. and you can create as many hypotheticals or bullshit reasons as you want for talking to them, that’s where the creativity comes in..

sometimes u don’t need to ask a functional question… sometimes you can just “blame it on curisioty”. me in the elevator with a random.

me> oohhh.. what company’s on that floor?
her> oh it’s blabla and sons.
me> oh right, that’s a law agency right?
her> yeah i just balblblblabla
[then elevator stops and they need to go]