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@MrAntiquity, @SomeGuyUK

These are excuses in my opinion. Every man can be sexual with women, all men are born with sexuality. I’ll give you a few exercises to do. One for the approach and one for the date. And please allow me to be blunt and here. It’s for your own sake.

For the approach:
When you see the girl you want to approach imagine being in some kind of sexual position you can with her. For example let’s say you’re walking behind a woman look at her ass. Imagine giving it to her doggy-style, imagine her moaning, the whole works. You need to be as explicit as possible in your mind. I’m talking about hard-core shit here. Keep that in your mind and you do any type of opener. It can be direct or indirect doesn’t matter. What will happen though, is during your conversation with her she’ll sense that you might’ve been thinking dirty thoughts b/c you might be talking more deeply or slowly and your eye contact might be lingering a little bit more than it should.

For the date:
30 minutes right before the date. Jerk off to some internet porn but don’t cum. But get to the point of almost cumming — but don’t! Now when you see her on the date you will be seeing red basically. This is what you want. This will influence your tonality, your eye contact, everything that actually attracts women. During the date imagine yourself doing what you saw in that porn to her as you’re talking about your usual topics. Do your best efforts to make the conversation more sexual (as she wont ever do it for you). This can be sexual innuendos, flirty conversations, or even examining her jewelry or brushing up against her, or whatever you like. And at the end of the date even if it’s a first-date. Hell even if it’s a coffee date (and even if the date goes horrible!) invite her up for a drink. You need to get used to doing this. Generally women will NEVER get upset with you for trying to escalate with them even if they say “no thanks”. They actually see this as being true to your nature and dominant which is what they like.

You’ll be amazed that the majority of women will come up to your apartment at the first date if you just ask them, and if you just give something innocent like “for a drink b/c I don’t want to spend any more money on alcohol” or because the bars are loud right now and I just want to hang out.