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Well what I said was a bit tongue in cheek. But unless the research scientist has been pulling hundreds of girls into his room and/or studying this specific vertical niche of what we’re discussing (cold approach pickup) I’m not so interested in what he writes. I don’t do online, speed dating, and/or social circle stuff. What I do is very niche. Also, I mainly draw my conclusions from guys that have lived thru this and my own experiences. Although there are some interesting academic studies that prove what you’re saying is true, I won’t refute that.


You need to approach alot of girls to see consistent and great results. Now, You could live an average life, I think the average guy has 7 sexual partners in his entire life. So if you’re cool with that then you don’t need to put as much effort. In fact, you’re better off just getting out of this forum and settling down with the first girl you like, which is what most men in our society do.