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None of the studies to which I provided links were performed in secluded, academic settings. They were all studies of real world interactive environments.

For example, take the speed dating study. At these events, women typically say yes to half of the number of potential matches to which men say yes. Researchers were able to COMPLETELY REVERSE those numbers – making women say yes to almost twice as many matches as men – by changing one little rule of the game. Instead of having women sit still and men move from table to table – the typical speed dating setup – the researches artificially put women into the role of the hunter by having men sit still and women move from table to table. One little rule change and something that most people thought was an immutable law of nature changed completely!

That is just one study but it is not some kind of white lab coat experiment. The implications are universal. They are also consistent with the results that I get in the real world. Women love to chase men and they’re pretty good at it, too. They won’t do it when a man starts off by showing interest and commitment, but they will do it when the rules of the game are changed by someone who understands how to change them.

When an attractive, well dressed man in the prime of his life approaches a woman who is his equal and starts a normal, maybe somewhat flirty conversation, it is not surprising that a certain fraction of interactions are going to lead to a date. I don’t even call that game. That is BIOLOGY. When Janka – a 9.5 in the looks department, and a Harvard educated lawyer – approaches a woman who is an 8 and convinces her to go on a date with him, guess what? That is called BIOLOGY. No surprise there at all.

Game is when a man knows how to transcend the natural limitations of his looks and social status by activating the attraction triggers that a woman is looking for. To do that, it is necessary to understand those attraction triggers. Good academic studies are an important source of insight.