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“To get the most desirable women, you have to learn to behave like the most desirable men, men who are always a little skeptical that the woman standing in front of them is good enough for them.”

Meh, I don’t buy this. If I see a hot girl and she fits the bill as far as looks, she’s pretty much qualified. Afaic, that’s the only thing that qualifies a girl to me. (unless she’s really mean or stuck up). But I don’t really put so much emphasis on their personalities as much as their looks. only after sex do their personalities start to matter bc at that point I need to decide if I’d like them for a ltr. but I sure as hell don’t do that from the start, I wouldn’t get laid if I did. if we’re both judging eachother on personalities then most likely we’re not getting laid any time soon (bc personalities are complex). the moment you start doing what you’re saying, ie acting “high value” from the start as opposed to putting your sexual foot forward the girl sees you as an LTR not just a casual lay. So she tends to judge you harshly. and what ends up happening is you go through this bullshit dance that eats away at time. so yes, you might get a quality gf out of what you’re trying to do. but I can almost guarantee you’re not getting lots of sex from your method. how many new girls have you slept with in the last month? for me it was 3. and these were gorgeous girls. I don’t even approach average looking girls.

so yeah hot girl = I want to have sex with her. I don’t act aloof or any of that stuff. She sees it in my eyes that I want to have sex with her. And I try to be as “sexy” as I can near her. So posture, smile, eye contact, tonality. and when she gives me her number I pursue her. Not in a needy way. but I make my intention clear to her. if she’s lukewarm, I’ll ping her once in blue moon. What I try to do is find her on a day where she is alone or lonely and she responds. even hot girls don’t have men constantly pursuing them. the best are the “yes” girls though. those are the ones that respond to my texts right away and are always down to meet me right away. I prioritize them over anyone else.;)