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1. you didn’t piss her off. she’s just bullshitting
2. don’t tell her you use this “opener” on multiple girls that’s weird. (even if it’s true)
3. NEVER apologize for something you do. and NEVER ask girls for their opinion on how to open or any other questions about seduction. Not only do they not know — because girls don’t have the slightest idea on how to initiate or escalate, nor have they ever tried it. But If they coach you on pickup you lose them because they mark you as indecisive and not having your own backbone. which are qualities that are attractive to them. remember, you’re the guy that ALWAYS knows what to do. and even if you make mistakes, you never acknowledge those mistakes. everything you do is right. you laugh off anything that isn’t “right”. remember that. your response should’ve just been “whatever” with a smirk and then asked them how their night is going.
4. ANY opener works at night. your opener, the one with the shoes, or even just saying “hi how’s it going?”. it’s alot more crucial what happens after the opener anyway and how you react to things.
5. screen for logistics. girl A told you she had a boyfriend so she’s done.
6. the hug wasn’t weird to girl B when she came back. she probably wanted you to take her home but you didn’t act on it. you probably didn’t act at all / didn’t act decisive (apart from a lazy drunken hug) which is why she left. next time just grab her hand and tell her you’re going with her for another drink (and take her home).