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Hell some of my best friends don’t respond to 1-2 of my messages I don’t take it personally. People get legitimately busy sometimes. So you try again in a few weeks and you catch them at a better time. But yeah, if I notice after 4 messages or so (spaced out over a few weeks) I haven’t heard anything from then I’ll just delete their number. Also some of the messages I make are accusational like “hey haven’t heard from you in awhile, everything good?” or “yooohooo anyone home?”


Dunno. you’re probably right. However, I just don’t ever rely on women to initiate or lead anything they seem to be horrible at it. Like I told my friend, giving a girl your number is like giving a deer a gun or giving a fish a rod. Same with msging them something like “kk well msg me later when u’re free to talk”. Of’course after you’re in some kind of relationship I find they’ll message you all the time, so this is primarily in the courtship process.