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I personally love it when I see that my girl is so hot that other guys want to approach her, even on the street, and I think that’s generally true of most men. They love that moment when they arrive to find another man there. They ignore you, kiss her on the lips, and walk away with her, leaving you there wishing you were them. I think you’re exaggerating the danger. At most, you’re going to get an annoyed “Can I help you?” from the boyfriend and that will be it. What fraction of women sitting alone on a park bench or taking the subway or having coffee in Starbucks or browsing books in a bookstore are actually waiting for men? I’m going to guess 10%. Of those, some large fraction are going to continue to be alone long enough for you to open and close them. As for the rest, you have to be comfortable with some friction. I’ve been doing this for nearly ten years and have gotten in trouble exactly once (in a bar when I accidentally hit on two married women).