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remain true to your word. you said tomorrow, then text her tomorrow. as men we have two things going for us: our balls and our word. never compromise either for the sake of “how you appear to the girl”. and no you didn’t rush, you simply wanted to see her since you’re going away this weekend sounds fair to me.

also there is a good chance she will say she’s busy or not even respond when you do text her tomorrow. never take this as something you did “wrong” though. girl’s schedules are just random.

note: if you do text her and she doesn’t respond do not text her again this entire labor day weekend. altho you should shoot her another text sometime next week.

note#2: if she does respond giving you some lame excuse she can’t meet, text her back “no worries, have a great long weekend!”, right away. so if she took 4 hours to respond, just text her that within a minute. i personally love creating the male reliability / female flakiness dynamic.