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I’ll throw in my 2 cents

I was at a street event and I met one of my old high school friends. We were talking and he pointed at a smoking hot blond across the street. She was giving him dirty looks and he said

“Notice that girl? She’s giving me those looks because I used to date her.. Yeah, I ended it”

I couldn’t believe him because, well, I knew him. He said I am taking online dating classes. That’s when he mentioned pu101 and that’s also where I saw Eric present one of his lectures.

I couldn’t even sit beside a girl in high school because I was so shy. With a lot of help from people like Eric, I put myself in situations where I have no other choice but to speak to girls and be around them. So I took a job doing door to door and that changed me. Now I get girls asking ME for MY phone number. But It was a struggle man. It’s always a struggle.

You see, you have to make mistakes, there’s no other way around it. No amount of videos/books can prepare you for that. I personally think this pick up community is nothing more than just a support group. They are here at the end of the night to help you go over your mistakes and hopefully correct them.

My advice is to have a plan, and go at a pace that is slightly uncomfortable, but not overwhelmingly so. The reason for that is once you DO get comfortable you’ll know you need to push yourself harder to improve further.