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I’ve got a story that I like telling to friends, but I have no idea how I would use it in a pickup context. It’s pretty long too.

Here goes:

So I was playing guitar for this trans-gendered punk act, Jayne County, and we were doing a tour of Scandinavia. Now Jayne was big on the 70’s so when I was touring with her, she was about 60. But she was still pretty rock ‘n roll, as she proved at one show. It was Saturday night and we were playing a 500 capacity venue in Stockholm – it was the biggest show of the tour. The show was going great; the crowd was pretty well behaved except for these two really drunk guys down the front. The band was pretty tame by punk standards, but these guys seemed to be acting like it was an ‘oi oi’ street punk band, and they were getting a bit rowdy.

At one point, one of them did something to piss Jayne off – maybe they threw a bottle or something. Jayne shouts something at them, tells them to fuck off or whatever. We carry on playing, and all is fine.

Suddenly out of nowhere, I hear this really loud noise, BOOM. The whole place freezes, and Jayne storms offstage in a huff. I then see one of the punks at the front of the stage, and I realise that they did something else to piss Jayne off, and she threw the mic straight into this guy’s forehead.

So the band goes offstage and piles back into the backstage room. Jayne is ranting and raving about those assholes, and is pacing up and down the room while we all stand there in silence, not knowing what to do. The atmosphere was really tense. But I couldn’t help turning to the bass player and whispering “that was awesome”.

Would love to hear some of your stories Lee.