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sorry if my answer was disjointed. this is my mindset at all times though and what helps me through many difficulties. but maybe it’s not for you yet..

anyhow, if you truly want to feel abundance you need to learn how to pipeline. this is an advanced concept and will only work if you’re good at getting numbers. if you’re bad at getting numbers (ie you can’t consistently get atleast one number a day then just ignore this post) and no amount of bullshit you say to yourself, visualizations, will get you to feel abundance. to truly feel abundance you need to be good at picking up girls (getting their number). if you don’t, then go back and practice.

note the below paragraph is a bit “cold”, so not for the faint of heart or white knights in this forum. but i find it’s pretty much the only way to reach true abundance.

a few definitions first. a ‘pipeline’ is defined as 10 or more numbers you’ve gotten. a ‘singleton’ is defined as ONE woman who you haven’t had sex with yet. (after you have sex with a woman she then becomes non-random, and is trustworthy and she usually answers to your requests). anyhow, a pipeline is a set of singletons. singletons are random at and given point in time they may or may not respond to a request. see my post ‘girls are random’. so you can never trust a singleton.

when you have a request, you never just send it to one girl. (a request could be a simple ping “how are you?”, a date request “wanna go out?”, or whatever request.) instead, you channel it to the pipeline. so “how’ve you been today?” will be sent to the pool of women (aka pipeline) you have on your phone. out of those one is bound to answer. for the ones that answer, you then invite them out. if you’re thinking in terms of “one” woman, then good luck. you will never feel true abundance. you just play the ‘waiting’ game for her to answer, to not answer, or to do whatever she feels like doing at that point in time.. so pipelining is really the only way to reach true abundance.

note: pipelining can also be used for friends not just girls. so if you want to go out on say a friday night to a club. if you don’t have a pipeline of guys, then most likely you’ll be lonely that night.